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ドーガイの せいかつ
I haven't been updating everyday
I can't wake up very easily. I'm dizzy and my eyes hurt and it's so hard to move in such a state. My grandma hates it when I sleep in until 12. She hasn't bothered trying to help me wake up but she continues to remind me that I should be able to wake up. She wants me to go to school this summer. A class or two. She just wants me to get out of the house. I guess I can. I'd rather get a job but I've never been good at finding a job. Or maybe jobs are just harder to find these days. I've still been trying to take photos. I'll continue to post pictures. It's just frustrating when I ask her to try to wake me up when she wants me to wake up, but she won't. Anyway, here's a picture I took the other day at the car wash. It reminds me of why I like water so much and the process of erosion.

The next is a picture of two of my cats. They used to live indoors but when we got two new kittens, they kind of evicted themselves. They're both very handsome cats and they're fairly polite. They mostly just hang out in the yard, enjoying the sun. It's nice to just watch them lay there or wander around.

Current Mood: blah blah

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