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Hey LJ. It's been a while.

I'm still in Texas. I'll be here indefinitely since my grandma passed away. And, uh.. I don't really plan on trying to update here. Maybe I will. Who knows. I'm usually on tumblr these days. And I'm just about always on messenger.

Messenger names are in the user info.

I'll see ya around.
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lazy dogai


I arrived yesterday. Brought almost all of the essentials. The rest will be shipped.


Now, I get to live in Austin, Texas for a while.
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I hope it already too late.

Hello everyone. I completely forgot I had a Livejournal. I won't be updating my detailed life. Every time I do that, I look back on the post with shame. So, here is a recent favorite song of mine. It's dark. Very dark =3

lazy dogai


Anybody getting HeartGold or SoulSilver?

I've got a pre-order down for SoulSilver. I'm quite excited for it. I haven't played Gold/Silver since it came out so many years ago. I've forgotten most of it so it'll be nice to play it as though I had never played it before.
lazy dogai


They run and climb and play. I sat with them for a few minutes today. They're at a messy age. They know how to use a litter box and eat soft food but they can't seem to do it without getting it on their paws and tracking it around. They're also very noisy eaters. So many little "om-nom"s. They cry for attention when anybody is in the room and they chase each other around. They're also at that age when they can run and play and when they get tired, they just sleep wherever they happen to be. The picture is of Pomegranate (I think) dozing off and almost tipping over.
lazy dogai

Sky of the Day

It rained today. Scattered showers. If it rains all day, the sky pretty much looks the same. If it rains on and off, the sky and clouds shift in color and shades. You get to see a nice mesh of the sun trying to shine through. Sometime, it does penetrate and put a nice glaze over the clouds. I was walking to the furmeet, crossing the street and I saw this tree. I thought it had a nice outline and a great contrast to the sky behind it. And I like that light in that one window.

Also, I finally got the AC reservation sorted. Yay.
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Fangs of the Day

I must say, Mitzi is probably my favorite cat. But I can't deny how much I like Lexi. Her eyes are cute but they've got a devious demeanor. What adds more to it is that the tips of her fangs stick out just bellow her chops. And if you walk by her and catch a glance, she looks up at you with a bit of wild intensity. And when she plays, she does whatever she can to win the game she feels she is playing.
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City Lights

The best thing about the city is how it looks at night. Glowing and shining across the water. It's not very easy to find a place to take this sort of shot without walking uphill for a while. Luckily, there's a parking garage that's open until 2am on Fridays and Saturdays. There's even an elevator.

I had friends over tonight like I do most Fridays. It was nice. I'd give it a 7/10. I would've liked to play Settlers. It's like my new drug. Might go see kittens tomorrow. I can't remember if I have plans or not.